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This section is about gaming news for the xbox one console

Fifa 14 Fut World cup out today

fifa 14 fut world cup

So what is this fuss all about fifa 14 fut world cup? Basicly it’s a free DLC surrounding the upcoming World Cup in Brasil. You can play the World Cup or play a whole new overhauled Ultimate Team. And this is exactly what I am most excited for, fifa 14 fut world cup. Why you might ask? To fifa 14 …

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Xbox One External HD support Announced in June Update

ps4 hdd

Wahoo!!! Gamers Xbox One external hd support coming in June 2014 Great news gamers the moment you have finally waiting for. A couple days ago Microsoft announced that in their June update they were adding Xbox One external hd support! Xbox One external HD ? so what’s the fuss about this Well if you are like me, a huge gamer …

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Coming exclusively first to Xbox One and Xbox 360 on February 25, 2014 is a sweet game called Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. Boy are we in for one hell of a ride! I am so excited about this game I can’t wait till its Tuesday 25 February. So what is this game about? Think Battlefield, Call of Duty, Dungeon …

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