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Last of Us Remastered Lets Play Gameplay 1 4K

In this video called Last of Us Remastered Lets Play Gameplay 1 4K  I am showing you a first look on the first hour of The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 in 4K Quality. Its recorded in 1080P but bumped up to 4K with my editing software! Check out this wonderful game. Next week my full series starts on this game but I already wanted to put out a sneak preview on whats coming out there for you guys!

Video Description

In this video Last of Us Remastered Lets Play Gameplay 1 4K I will restart my old sneaking and peeking style of gameplay as i really get into this new game. In the video you will see the start of the story about the last of us and you will see characters evolve. The action starts right away in this video and i take you through the hole nine yards with my commentary! I have a specific style of doing things and I like to bring you guys the nicest commentary play by play experience out there!

Game Description

The Last of Us Remastered is the remastered version of the PlayStation 3’s The Last of Us. It is developed by Naughty Dog and is published by Sony Computer Entertainment set to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The Last of Us Remastered will have improved visuals, 60 frames a second, native 1080p display, new advanced audio options, in-cinematic director commentary and bonus downloadable content, such as the Left Behind single-player expansion chapter, the Abandoned Territories multiplayer map pack, and the Reclaimed Territories multiplayer map pack. The Last of Us takes place in the year 2033, twenty years after a fungal-based, brain-altering pandemic has spread and infected nearly 60% of the world’s population (possibly even more). Set in the post-apocalyptic United States, the game tells the story of survivors Joel and Ellie as they work together to survive their westward journey across what remains of the country to find a possible cure for the modern fungal plague that has nearly decimated the entire human race. Since the outbreak, the world has gone into a state of panic and frenzy as officials try to fix and keep the situation under control. When the World Health Organization’s attempts to procure a vaccine fail, the United States government does away with the bureaucrats in power and the establishment of the American government. The country is turned into a police state under the control of homeland security and the military, and cities across the nation are placed under martial law one by one. Survivors of the pandemic are assigned to designated quarantine zones that are supposed to separate them from the infected and keep them safe. Sometime within the twenty years leading up to the main events of the game, an anti-government militia group calling themselves the Fireflies is established, and their main goal is to find and produce a vaccine for the Cordyceps Brain Infection, while staging attacks on quarantine zones as an act of defiance, as they view the military as tyrants.

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