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WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 Levels 5-8 4K

Hey guys this is a total revamped series about WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2. As you saw in my WildStar channel intro. I deleted all my WildStar characters because I put out low quality gameplay videos out for you guys. I wanted to correct this, because I am most known for my play by play, lets play, walkthrough gameplay explaining you all the ins and outs of the games, giving you tips and feedback along the way. I revamped my whole series and actually started WildStar brand new! Hope you can enjoy these videos more than my non commentary/badly edited videos! I revamped for my fans! So make sure you Follow me, like me, subscribe and comment. In this post I will take you along my journey to give you insight on the WildStar Warrior in a diary/journal style. I will give you tips and tell you about new abilities I picked up along the way. Just let the video run while you enjoy this background information about my WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 video.

About this WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 video!

In this WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 video you will see me playing as a Warrior for the second time as I try to breeze through the levels 5 – 8 fast 🙂 What can be seen in this WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 video? Join with me on journey so we can ‘play’ together as you watch me get new abilities at level 6: First off at level 6 we gain Savage Strikes and Ripsaw as DPS abilities. WildStar Warrior RipsawWildStar Warrior Savage Strikes It’s a hard choice since both abilities are situational. Savage Strikes does more damage when the enemy is knocked down and Ripsaw slows the enemy. At level 6 we also get our first ‘tanking’ ability called Menacing Strike.WildStar Warrior Menacing Strike For obvious DPS purposes I went with Savage Strikes but you can of course go a different route if you like! Also we get our first stat wheel points at level 5 which I distributed to ‘Assault Power’ for faster DPS leveling as you can see in the screenshot below.

First look at the WildStar Warrior AMP Statwheel
First look at the WildStar Warrior AMP Statwheel

And last but not least we pick up  and some nice blue weapons to help speed up our leveling process even more!

WildStar Greatsword of the cursed
First Blue! WildStar Greatsword of the Cursed

Hope you enjoy this Video journal of WildStar Warrior Gameplay Lets Play Walkthrough 2 make sure you read further down this post for info on how you can donate, how you can find me online, great cheap deals on WildStar online and how you can grow your own channel and gain more viewers and social media pressence!

WildStar Online Game Description

WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place on the fictional planet Nexus, where a mysterious and powerful race known as the Eldan has disappeared leaving behind a wealth of technology and secrets for players to explore. WildStar is developed by Carbine Studios, published by NCSOFT and was unveiled on August 17, 2011 during Gamescom. The game went live on June 3, 2014. WildStar gives players two methods of paying for the game, following the initial purchase. The first is a monthly subscription, which gives the player 30 days of game time. The second method allows players to purchase an in-game item, C.R.E.D.D., which grants 30 days of playtime and is tradable to other players for in-game currency. This essentially enables the player-driven economy to set the in-game price for C.R.E.D.D., and thus an exchange rate for real money in in-game currency.

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See you in the next episode! ~Dreemlife

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