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WildStar Review

In this game review about the new MMORPG out there called WildStar we will talk about gameplay, graphics, multiplayer and replayability. Is this game special or just another MMOrpg World of Wacraft clone? And should you buy WildStar? All these questions are answered in this WildStar review. I hope you enjoy reading my WildStar Review here on dreemlife.com.

What is WildStar?

WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place on the fictional planet Nexus, where a mysterious and powerful race known as the Eldan has disappeared leaving behind a wealth of technology and secrets for players to explore.
WildStar is developed by Carbine Studios, published by NCSOFT and was unveiled on August 17, 2011 during Gamescom.
The game went live on June 3, 2014. WildStar gives players two methods of paying for the game, following the initial purchase. The first is a monthly subscription, which gives the player 30 days of game time. The second method allows players to purchase an in-game item, C.R.E.D.D., which grants 30 days of playtime and is tradable to other players for in-game currency. This essentially enables the player-driven economy to set the in-game price for C.R.E.D.D., and thus an exchange rate for real money in in-game currency.

WildStar Review Mouse is Alone
Check out my Youtube channel intro about WildStar by clicking on the image


WildStar is different then World of Warcraft in alot of areas especially in the combat department, yeah you have your usual action bars, crafting glorious loot, ‘red’ stuff you need to get out off and awesome lewt but there is one huge different between WildStar and World of Warcaft. (In this WildStar review I will make alot of WoW references because I am a WoW junkie, apologies in advance)

Do I have to take action?

Yeah in WildStar you definitely have to take action yourself.
WildStar features action based combat, that means there is no ‘white autoattack hitting’. Every damage you deal in WildStar has to be done by making actions and to me (a 7 year player of World of Warcaft) this was a learning experience. Everyone in their WoW lifetime has been in a raid where some hunters in the back of the raid were afk-ing auto-attacking eating a sandwich :). WildStar has found a cool way to bring more interaction to the player. After a few hours into the game I could definitly say I liked the combat in this game better than WoW, especially the targeting and the way its designed.

Tell me more about this red stuff called ‘telegraphs’

WildStar Review Telegraph player
Showing you the way Telegraphs work on a player!
WildStar Review Telegraphs 1
Showing you enemy telegraphs that hurt you!

Ok, so everyone knows red en green slime on the floor is very bad and you should immediately get out of this unless you like being chopped up by a mean beefy boss! WildStar adds a more ‘dynamic’ concept to this. In WildStar right before the beasty starts of his over 9000 laz0r he gives you a red telegraph on the ground to visually tell you get the f outta here!
This could be a straight zone, flat circle or a moving area. Not only that the boss sometimes tries to stun you in that zone, after that you have about two seconds to hit the right hotkey the boss gives you. This to me was very sweet because I am actually more engaged in the bossfight.

Stats and l00ts

In WildStar there are 6 stats and depending on which class you choose and which ‘route’ you go the stats and their use changes. The stats are +Assault Power, +Crit Chance, +Support Power (Healers damage) +Crit severity, or +Health. You have to really check out which class and role you are playing to pick the 3 most usefull stats for you! To give you even more choices WildStar uses an action bar system similar to that of Diablo III and Guild Wars 2. As you level up you get more abilities and you can choose 8 abuilities you wish to add to your action bar. You can go the all DPS route but that probably won’t get you pretty far in boss fights. You have to properly mix and match dps, healing escape and interupt skills to be succesfull!
And last but not least giving you even more choices, WildStar gives you an ability wheel. In that ability wheel you can select passive abilities that get added to your +stat bonusses and help you in your WildStar adventures!

Classes, Paths and Crafting

WildStar features 6 Classes at launch.

      1. Warrior (DPS/TANK)
      2. Esper(DPS/HEALER)
      3. Engineer (DPS/TANK)
      4. Medic (DPS/HEALER)
      5. Spellslinger (DPS/HEALER)
      6. Stalker (DPS/TANK).

Every classes has two ways of building it so in all fairness you get 12 ‘classes’ to play with. To be fair, this seemed a bit low to me. Luckily the varation between the classes and their playstyle made this a bit better but I’d still say we could use two more classes just to be on the safe side! Ok so after you have selected your Race which leaves you with a decision will you be an exile or domminion player and leaves you with 4 races to choose from. Now its time to pick your path. I was like classes? Paths? Wassup is this a bonus class. No it is not! There are 4 paths in the game: Soldier, Explorer, Scientist and Settler. A path is basicly a feature they implemented to give you bonus quests in specific areas in the game. After completing these quests you get added bonnuses (+stats) for a short duration and you get awesome l33wts!. The Soldier path is about killing and rescueing peers, The setllers actually can build/repair buildings in game which give situational bonuses. The explorer has you jumping and getting o the hardest places in the game. And last but not least the scientist has you investigating plants, rocks and trees to find goodies!~
If that still wasen’t enough there is ingame crafting. There are gathering professions, supportive crafting professions and your sstandard crafting professions like armorsmithing, weaponsmithing and potion making. The crafting system itself is pretty cool actually. You use ‘power’ cores at the start of the craft which can be seen like a catalyst. After that the game randomly selects a ‘primary’ stat from the statwheel of 6. That stat gets ‘locked’ in place. The game then leaves you with a choice to upgrade a secondary stat that You choose! The better the quality the power core is the more +stat bonusses you can add its outrageous! This to me was great because I could build my early on greens the way i wanted them to be made, but obviously there is a catch. The only way you can get power cores is by disenchanting or as WildStar calls it ‘salvaging’ greens and blues. Or by buying them for a ‘whopping’ 8 silver (the lowest quality). 8 Silver might not mean much but early this is a huge investment! To me crafting is a great addition but as with any game, early on can be a big money sync. What I didn’t like about some crafting professions is that there were no real ‘supportive’ professions. For instance the tailor, the only way to get huge amounts of cloth is by farming humanoid mobs that drop them. While for instance an armorsmithing has it easy because all his crafts can be made by just gathering nodes…

Everyone needs a home

Yay! Something that WoW did not offer WildStar actually does. WildStar offers player housing and that is a great addition to the overall experience of WildStar. I have not played enough of this game to actually show you my house but from the screenshots and trailers I have seen this is a really cool addition and feature. Imagine you have your own place in a digital world. It’s outrageous haha!

GraphicsWildstar guest pass giveaway

The graphics in WildStar are nice and it runs perfectly on my old 6990 Radeon computer (55FPS outdoors, in town 45FPS on HQ). The graphics are cartoony but crisp and alot of critics would say the art style was hugely inspired by World of Warcraft. I would have to also agree on this but I do believe carbine has gone a different route to get a more ‘spacey’ vibe. During my playsessions so far I haven’t encountered any graphic glitches or artificats that should be addressed. Also what surprised me were the cutscenes. The cutscenes look like movies but in reality its rendered game animations which is pretty cool. The animations really look spot on and are very well crafted!


You raids which turned out to be really challenging ;-). In my first few raids I was unsuccesfull because there was alot of stuff going on I had to learn about.  Enough green raids for you?Don’t get me wrong, this is actually a good thing but i was overwhelmed at first. Luckily from my experience the grouping and questing together in this game is very nice and in my oppinion the players I so far have encountered were very friendly.
raids03 WildStar ReviewWildStar Review Raids
Apart from raiding you have your usual team quests (killing an elite baddie) and you have your dungeons. Grouping for quests is made easier by the group finder and chat ‘spam’. Guilds are also in the game and those can help you tons in your questing adventures!


I liked this game alot, the crafting, questing, clases and playstyle probably sets you up with alot of time invested in this game. So far I haven’t gotten bored yet and that means the game really ‘sucks’ you in. I could honestly say this game actually made me think 2 times before firing up World of Warcraft.

End note on the WildStar Review

Before we get into the numbers below, WildStar is a game you should really get. Its crips, sparkly and feature-packed. Some thing swill eventually get polished out and I’m sure they will end more classes. A must buy for the real MMORPG lover.


Aren’t you excited yet? Then check out these gameplay videos below to get a glimpse on what WildStar has to offer

Thanks guys for reading this WildStar Review and I hope you will recommend this WildStar review to alot of your mates! Go back to the mainpage of Dreemlife.com everything gaming, games, giveaways, reviews and videos

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