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Cartoons Official Dreemlife Youtube Channel Introduction Trailer

Cartoons you say? Ye cartoons, comics, funny stuff, fun funny business you know what i am talking about. CARTOONS!
Hey guys, this is Dr33mlife aka Dreemlife. Youtuber, Gamer, Giveaway specialist and most importantly the bringer of bringing you a lot of funny. In my channel you will find the hottest new games which I present to you in high quality play by play gameplay madness! Occasionally random characters and cartoons created by me in GoAnimate, Toon Boom Animate Pro and Photoshop will join the channel/video to interrupt the silence and bring you something funny and spicey!
In this introduction video you will see me, Dreemlife telling the story about my channel and why you will love it. You will also meet ‘Hot Mommi’ the Giraffe and ‘Ronnie’ the Lama giving you some important info about my Youtube channel and some ways ways to follow me online.
Putting all the bullshit aside, I am presenting to you a Youtube Gaming channel which actually does proper gameplay and play by play commentrary along with great editing and a good sense of humor.

Here are some social media links

►Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dr33mlife
►Google+: http://google.com/+Jimmydeleeuw
►Google+ fanpage: http://google.com/+Dreemlife
►Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jimmydeleeuw
►Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreemlifedotcom
►Website: http://www.dreemlife.com

You want more followers/viewers/subscribers?

Check out my followback community!  All you need to do is sign up and post (you can use your Google+ login) and join the followtrain. Its a well rounded platform like Google+ and Facebook where you can share, reshare like and most importantly get new subscribers/exposure to your channel! So what are you waiting for?  You won’t be disappointed!
I am going to post a video on Youtube explaining more about my Followback Community, but in 3 easy steps it’s like this:
1 You read posts from top to bottom, you like, comment and subscribe to everyone above your post.
2 After subscribing and checking out other people you will post your own info
3 You will gain viewers/subscribers for free, legit and checked daily by real humans who are just like you in need of new people on the internet to check out #Winning

Link to my Playlists


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Stop the madness right now, take a breather, stop laughing and… Like, Share, Subscribe and Comment on this video and cartoon on outta here!… Dreemlife signing off!Cartoon channel intro funny cartoon fun haha

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About Dreemlife

I am a Youtube Streamer, Gamer, Creator of a wonderfull Followback Community and i create Cartoons and Games in my spare time. I have been gaming for over 15 years now! Make sure you check out my social media stuff so you can stalk me online!

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