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Wildstar Esper Gameplay Headstart

Hey guys,
check out my Wildstar esper gameplay i shot during a full 24 hour headstart gaming session. I played all classes and i must say Warrior and Esper are my favorite. I am considering making my Esper or my Warrior my main character.
Why is there no commentary in your video on wildstar esper gameplay
Sorry guys I have been a bit busy with setting up my followback community which you can check with this link. My followback community has been booming!. Do join it if you need/want more viewers/subscribers or Twitter followers. I created the community yesterday on the Discourse platform and during that time i recorded this wildstar esper gameplay. I must say, warrior felt slow playing in the beginning but after a while it went way faster. However i’d say warrior is one of the more slower leveling characters therefore i am playing this wonderfull esper. +Take note, you cannot I repeat you cannot take ‘elite’ monsters solo, lol they will wreck you if you don’t land your combos espers on the other hand can totally wreck elites and you will see in this wildstar esper gameplay video. Well sorry for the no editing part guys, you guys should expect more of me and you are right. I promise I will do a proper let’s play including explaining and all of that good stuff when I get more time on hands. Right now i am just way too busy.
I got 3 more Wildstar videos uploading on Youtube, all different classes so make sure you check them out! For now I bid you farewell with my newbie wildstar esper gameplay:)

Extra info about my followback community

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Enjoy my wildstar esper gameplay guys!

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