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Followback community

Don’t you just hate it, you just created your first website or social media account but you have no good way of increasing your awareness on the internet.
I have the solution join my followback community and increase your traffic/viewers all naturally and organic by humans just like me and you starting out as newbies in the internet world.

What is a followback community?

Originally the first ever followback community was created on Twitter via a hashtag called #Followback train. A followback community / train is simply a post or a hastag or a tweet on the web which announces your existence in the online world. By joining together and following each other online, this is a good way to follow each other online and get your message out.
The key element of a followback community is the fact that by joining your are basicly agreeing that you are new in the online world and you want help :). You agree that if someone follow/subscribes or likes you online you will return the favor.

Does this work?

Hell yea it does. Some stats for you. I started out in February 2014 with a random Google+ followback community i have since then increased traffic to my website by 2000 viewers a month. Also i used the same idea to gain extra Youtube subscribers and I went from 1 to 49 in just 1 month completely safe and easy. Unlike ‘paid’ subscription programs. Followback communities are absolutely safe and ban-free because it isn’t against any rule. You are not ‘buying’ anything, you are simply making your presence in the world felt by checking out new channels and this is allowed by Google/Youtube/Facebook/Twitter

So why did I make my own discourse followback community

I made my followback community  because of a couple of reasons:

  • I like to be in control and Discourse is a great platform ( many people don’t know it but its the new style of social media/forum software anyone can code and do it
  • It’s fast, fast, faster then Google+ or any other community site out there and it integrates with most social media platforms out there
  • My own social media presence is best felt if you see my name on top of the door 🙂

What are the features of my followback community and how can you help

  • Easy forum style posting with categories and feeds. You can use smileys, tages, likes posts and shares to all the social media software out there.
  • You can sign on via Google+, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or email to intergrate even more stuff (see I told you its not just a forum it’s a platform)
  • And sure you can help, there is badges and settings to be one and we have 5 moderator positions open. Moderators get extra features and their own private space called the VIP =)
  • Emoticons, HTML tags, shortcodes all customed to use for people who don’t know how to program 🙂
  • And much much more!!!

So what are you waiting for???

Sign up today and increase your online presence. You can use the html links in this article or the menu above called followback community.

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